Financial Operations

Bridgepoint Consulting provides extensive experience in a variety of roles and functions to assist organizations with financial operations. Our team of highly qualified professionals has expertise that covers the gamut of both strategic and tactical situations across many industries. From CFO-level to general finance roles, Bridgepoint professionals can quickly augment the needs of an organization.

While some companies rely on our senior-level professionals to be an integral team member to execute leading practices, others simply need assistance with tactical matters such as transaction processing, analysis and financial reporting. Here are some ways in which we can help:

On-Demand Finance Professionals – For start-ups, we serve as a bridge by providing part-time CFOs or finance pros until activity levels justify full-time, dedicated support. For more established companies, our seasoned professionals are ready to bridge the gap for a variety of situations, such as a system implementation, an unexpected resignation, medical leave, audit preparation or the need for expertise on special projects, such as reporting the results of an acquisition or a new joint venture.

Transaction Services – Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures can create a temporary spike work when most companies do not have spare resources available. Our team supports businesses on multiple fronts, on matters such as due diligence, purchase price allocations, and post-transaction integration of processes and key systems.

Technical Accounting* Services – The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has forever changed the audit world. Auditors are limited in providing GAAP advice or offering direction on how a new or unique transaction should be handled. Bridgepoint fills the void left by the auditors by supplying on-demand accounting expertise. Our professionals have extensive experience in critical reporting issues and compliance with many accounting standards.

See real world examples of how we’ve helped clients in these case studies.

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