Building Effective Client Relationships: Reflections on a 30-Year Consulting Career

By Michael Johnson

In the August, digital edition of Consulting Magazine, Bridgepoint Principal Michael Johnson shares some of the lessons he has learned during his 30-year career in the consulting industry. Michael attributes the following 5 key attributes as paramount to building strong and long-lasting client-consultant relationships:

  1. Trust
  2. Relationship management
  3. Clear communication
  4. Culture fit
  5. Good consultants

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About Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a principal at Bridgepoint Consulting, where he leads the firm’s Technology Consulting practice to help companies drive growth, transformation and improve operations. Johnson is an IT industry veteran with over 25 years of experience managing complex integrated business and technology innovation solutions. He currently manages a workforce of over twenty millennials as part of Bridgepoint’s NetSuite Consulting practice. Recent Blog Posts LinkedIn Full Bio